You’ve recently made, or are about to make, the biggest financial investment of your life, but are you sure you’ve got what you paid for? Why not allow us to carry out a fully independent, professional snagging survey for you? You’ll be amazed at what we find!

Consider This

Over the past few years the building industry has experienced reduced build programs and a shortage of quality tradesmen. These two factors alone often lead to a substandard product.

Did You Know?

To the untrained eye, numerous issues in your home would go unnoticed. At Quality Home Snagging, with a lifetime of valuable experience in the construction industry, our knowledge is 2nd to none. Allow us to carry out a fully independent snagging survey of your new home and provide you with a detailed report, within 24 hours, for you to present to your developer. They will then liaise with you & arrange a suitable time for any necessary works to be carried out. FREE OF CHARGE!

Believe it or not, the amount of snags found in a newbuild property can be extremely high. It’s not unusual to find over 200 defects! The majority of these will be minor cosmetic issues but other, more serious defects are not that uncommon.

Can you afford not to have a snagging survey carried out that will cost roughly 0.1% of what you paid for your new home?

Professional Service

“After working in the construction industry all my life, I’ve seen what new house buyers can be expected to put up with. As a result of this, I thought I’d try and give a little something back by setting up Quality Home Snagging. I hope we can make your house buying experience a little less painful & ensure you get what you’ve paid for.”

Quality Home Snagging

“Quality means doing it right when nobody is watching”

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